5 thoughts on “Joe Lewis, Conway Twitty, Al Bruno & Jack Nance (on the drums), Canada, 1960”

    1. Yes, but was divorced from Shirlene and don’t recall new wife’s name. Have moved but when find info will let you know.

  1. John Dowson
    That picture of Al with Conway Twitty was I believe taken in 1959 at Le Coq D’or tavern on Yonge street in Toronto Canada. I remember when Conway played there in the summer of 1959. I was playing in a rock band just up the street and between sets we’d walk down to the bar to see Conway. I knew Al from the Thornhill Jamboree days and some of the country bands he and I were in, I played bass. Ronnie Hawkins had encouraged his manager Harold Kutlet ? to bring Conway to Canada. Al subbed for Conway’s guitar player who didn’t make the trip and when Conway went back to the states, Al went with him and you know the rest of the story.

    I contacted Al 50 years later when he was living in Las Vegas. I spoke with him and he was playing at the Avi Hotel/Casino in Laughlin Nevada and driving back and forth to the gig, 100 miles every day. We spoke again about the good old days in Toronto and the French Trio and some of the guys we’d played with Al never forgot his roots

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